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iPhone 5Se : Apple back to 4-inch display

By now you’ve likely heard that Apple is planning to reverse direction and release a new smaller iPhone about the same size as its 2012 iPhone 5. After all, rumors of an iPhone mini of sorts have been floating around since the company moved exclusively to bigger phones in 2014.

Today, however, thanks to allegedly inside information posted by Apple news sources such as 9to5MacMacRumors, and Mac Otakarawe have a bunch of possibly true details about the new smaller iPhone, including its head-scratching name – the iPhone 5se. (The “e” reportedly stands for “enhanced.”) Here’s what else we “know” about Apple’s forthcoming small-screened iPhone.


(Photo: NBC News)

The 5se is expected to have the same 4-inch Retina LCD as the iPhone 5s. It won’t feature the 3D Touch capabilities found on Apple’s new iPhone 6s, but it will be able to view Live Photos.

The 5se design will reportedly match the curved-off screen surface of the 6 and 6s, eschewing the sharper edges of the 5 and 5s. That said, the new phone may be case- and cover-compatible with the iPhone 5s, despite their slightly different shapes.


Rumors say the iPhone 5se is getting the same 8 MP shooter that comes on 2014’s iPhone 6, with the added ability to capture Live Photos.


The latest on the 5se’s processor is that we should expect Apple’s latest chip, called the A9, under the hood. As for memory, the 5se may come with just 1GB of RAM — on par with both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.

Touch ID and Apple Pay

An alleged early pic of the iPhone 5se (right). (Gijs Raggers /OneMoreThing Forum)

The rumor-mongers agree that the iPhone 5se will have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which seems like a no-brainer. That hardware — along with an NFC chip, also expected — will make the 5se Apple’s first Apple Pay-compatible 4-inch phone.

Color options

(Image: 9to5Mac)

Conflicting reports have the color choices with the phone as either the same Space Grey, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold offered by 6s, or those and some new flavors, which may or may not include hot pink!

Headphone jack?


There has been much talk about Apple axing the iPhone’s headphone jack. That plan, however, isn’t unfolding in time to hit the iPhone 5se, insiders say. So don’t throw away your EarPods yet.

Pricing and availability

Finally, reports have the 5se costing anywhere from $450 to $550 USD – that’s $100 to $200 USD cheaper than today’s iPhone 6s. And Apple’s announcement event for the rumored iPhone 5se date is now expected to come the week of March 14, with phones on shelves just days after that.

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