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Plastic Rice From China Now in Jamaica

Plastic Rice From China Now in Jamaica


platicore than 200 million tons of rice annually. The total global rice consumption is trending towards 500 million tons annually. At this rate of consumption, I’m sure meeting the demand will always be a challenge for any producer worldwide. The “Chinese” in general have a very bad reputation of always “cheating” to meet their demands, and evident to us now is the recent upsurge in Plastic Rice.

Plastic Rice is not a new thing, it was made to be used as a “display food”, similarly to the waxed  vegetables and fruits. However, sources claim that the language barrier between Westerners and producers is the sole cause of this problem. Do you believe that is the case?

Whatever the reason may be, Plastic Rice is here in Jamaica, and we need to know how to identify it. Lucky the the plastic rice differs from real rice in a many ways, and you can easily identify it.

How to identify Plastic Rice?

Plastic Rice Mold Test – Cook a handful of rice, put it in a container, leave it out for a couple days.

The real rice should start developing mold in as little as 2 days, fake rice will stay intact.

Plastic Rice From China Now in Jamaica  mold rice plastic

Plastic Rice Fire Test – Light a couple of rice kernels and see if they burn.

The real rice won’t burn but the plastic rice will.

Plastic Rice From China Now in Jamaica fire plastic rice test

Plastic Rice Water Test – Poor a tablespoon of rice in a container with water, mix around a little.

The plastic rice will stay a float while the real rice will sink to the bottom.

Plastic Rice From China Now in Jamaica plastic rice water test


Please be careful with this plastic rice out there, it has now penetrated our market, so don’t let it penetrate our homes.


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