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Find Social Media Profile using email


Search & Find Social Media Profile using e-mail address? Do you think that your husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend may have hidden social media profiles? If yes, then this article is for you. Do you often use someone's social media profile to know more about them before you make an important decision, a Job Interview

Shipping to Jamaica from USA is now easier


Shipping to Jamaica from USA now easier and more reliable than ever. What is it like to ship from the US to Jamaica? Shipping to Jamaica before now. I hope you've never had the "opportunity" to experience the unreliabilities in Jamaica's Postal Service when shipping from the USA to Jamaica, if you have, I'm

CARICEL bringing superfast LTE broadband to Jamaica


Super fast LTE broadband Jamaica its finally here, thanks to CARICEL. Super fast LTE broadband Jamaica will be introduced by CARICEL of Symbiote Investments Ltd, it is the first fully Jamaican-owned company to break grounds within the Jamaican telecommunications industry after it was granted a local mobile spectrum license. In a recent article published by

ATL Expands Its Luxury Line-up With Porsche

Porsche Jamaica

ATL Automotive have set Jamaican motorists hearts racing once again after announcing an exclusive partnership to bring iconic carmaker Porsche, one of the world’s most sought after brands, to Jamaica. The Porsche brand enjoys a phenomenal reputation throughout the world and is considered home to some of the finest performance and luxury

Digicel Play at 100,000 subscribers in Jamaica


  Digicel Play reaches 100,000 subscribers in Jamaica Digicel Play. Caribbean telecommunication company Digicel stated it has reached 10,000 Pay-TV subscribers in Jamaica just a few months after its nationwide launch. It provides the Digicel Play package, which includes IPTV and broadband services through FTTH fiber network. The company had announced in November

Spreadsheet problems.. and how to solve them

Spreadsheet problems.. and how to solve them

Want to solve your spreadsheet problem? Make your data entry better. Spreadsheets are brilliant – but a database can do the job better If you need to make a list of anything, it’s tempting to see Excel as the default repository: after all, it’s only a small list of items for