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Best Kodi extensions for 2016 (Free Live TV)

Best Kodi extensions 2016.

You are on your way to enjoying best kodi extensions for 2016.
Add-ons for the Caribbean will be added soon. These add-ons do work however, the music add-ons are optimized for UK users.

Kodi is one of the most powerful bits of streaming software you can download, and it lets you watch anything from your local devices or the internet. Unlike other streaming solutions such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick or Google’s Chromecast, Kodi is open source – and that means there’s a load of add-ons out there that make it even better. Whether you want to discover new radio, access your Netflix account or watch BBC iPlayer – there’s a Kodi extension for you.

Best Extensions 2016.

    1. Phoenix Best Kodi extensions for 2016 phoenix
       When it comes to the sheer quality and amount of content, Phoenix has to be at the very top of any addon list. Made by the creators of Mashup – previously one of the best add-ons for XMBC – and supported by a dedicated team of developers, Phoenix lets users watch pretty much anything in pin-sharp quality. It takes seconds to download, and will even let you choose your bit rate if you have a weak connection.
    2. TuneIn RadioBest Kodi extensions for 2016 Tune in
      If you’re more into radio than TV, you’ll already know just how good TuneIn is. For those not in the know, TuneIn gives you access to around 100,000 channels, but also offers access to a Premium version. For £5.99 each month, paid subscribers get access to everything from audiobooks to live NFL games, straight to their device – all ad-free of course. Sold? If so, you’ll be pleased to know the app is now available on Kodi, so you can stream TuneIn’s massive library without needing to switch between devices.
    3. Veetle Best Kodi extensions for 2016 Veetle
      While many apps provide a clear, focused array of content, Veetle is refreshingly random. Full of various streams of everything from extreme sports to old reruns, Veetle gives you a mixed bag of content. As you’d expect, Veetle makes streams easy to browse and pick through – so it’s not hard to find something interesting to watch. 
    4. Operation Robocop UltimateBest Kodi extensions for 2016 RoboDon’t be fooled by the ridiculous name, Operation Robocop is a serious bit of kit. Perfect for fans of Premier League football, Operation Robocop offers streams of almost every football match – all in glorious 720p. As you’d expect from one of the best Kodi add-ons, Robocop is constantly being updated and maintained, so you shouldn’t find any dead links.
    5. Yify Movies HD Best Kodi extensions for 2016 yify movie
      Yify is known in the torrenting world for providing some of the best quality film releases. Despite 1080p or 720p resolution, most Yify files are compact – and only occasionally exceed the 2GB mark. The Yify Movies HD add-on brings all of the benefits of Yify to your Kodi installation – that means films will be pin-sharp, and won’t take an age to load.
    6. SpotiMCBest Kodi extensions for 2016 spotimc
       Like it or not, Spotify has changed the way we think about music. For only £9.99 per month, it lets users enjoy a huge library of tracks, and even allows music fans to download content to listen to offline. Throw in a range of varied playlists that help you discover music and other neat features, and Spotify is one of the best streaming services you can get. SpotiMC brings all of the benefits of the streaming service to XMBC, and thanks to an easy-to understand UI, it’s a must-have app for any Spotify user.
    7. NetfliXBMC 

      Now one of the most popular video-streaming sites on the internet, Netflix has changed the way we watch TV. For only £7.49 per month, viewers can binge-watch their favourite televisions shows season by season, watch films by the trilogy – and even enjoy content in stunning 4KNetfliXMBC brings all of the benefits of Netflix to Kodi, and that has to make it one of the best add-ons you can get for the media software.

    8. Addon Installer Best Kodi extensions for 2016 add-on installer
      Although Kodi supports extensions, they’re not intuitive to set up – and that’s where an installer comes in. Addon Installer is one of the best, and makes downloading extensions a slick experience. As well as providing a good selection of extensions, it keeps your new software in one place, making it simpler to update or delete them if needed.
    9. NaviX Best Kodi extensions for 2016 navi
      While services such as Netflix categorise your viewing options by everything from genre to actor, NaviX does the complete opposite. An extremely powerful piece of software, NaviX trawls the internet for any potential video streams, and lists them for you to pick through. Although it’s rough around the edges, NaviX offers too much content to ignore.
    10. iPlayer 

      Although Kodi offers a huge range of content to watch, sometimes you’ll want to return to iPlayer – the BBC’s catch-up service. Like a conventional iPlayer app, the Kodi add-on will check you’re based in the UK before allowing you to stream, and provides eligible users with everything from the Great British Bake Off to the latest Grand Prix – all in HD.

    11. YouTube Best Kodi extensions for 2016 youtube
      As you’d expect, the largest video service in the world also has an add-on for Kodi. Featuring over a billion users – almost a third of the people on the internet – YouTube is still the number-one destination for mindless videos, insightful documentaries and everything in between. A must-have.
    12. ROM Collection Browser  Best Kodi extensions for 2016 rom collection
      If you’re already bored of the next-generation graphics of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the ROM Collection Browser could be the app for you. Designed to run vintage ROM games such as Out RunPac-Man and many more, the ROM Collection Browser beams old classics direct to your TV. All you need is a collection of ROM game files, but they’re easy to find on the web.
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