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Alkaline hit with bottle St Lucia Performance

alkaline dj hit by bottle champion boy dancehall

Dancehall artist Alkaline is in the once again in the spotlight, after perfuming at a show in St Lucia, the “Champion Boy” Deejay was hit by a bottle thrown from the crowd.

In a video which surfaced on YouTube on Monday, the deejay is seen in full performance mode. During the middle of his set, a bottle is thrown on stage, hitting the deejay in his head, and also causing him to stop the performance. Alkaline then proceeded to ask the crowd to point out the person responsible for throwing the bottle on stage.

“Hold on, a who just throw that?” he asked. The audience seemingly identifies the person behind the incident, and the deejay later calls for him to be brought on stage.

“Come here! Unuh bring him up!” he requested. When his request was not met, the deejay retrieved the bottle from the floor of the stage and threw it back into the audience, supposedly hitting the identified perpetrator, before continuing his performance.


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